Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Billboard Music Awards

While the Billboard Music Awards aren't as prestigious as the AMAs or the Grammys, some folks still bothered to get dressed up and attend the festivities.

Taylor Swift is a lovely girl - certainly prettier than her singing ability - but she's a boring dresser. This dress was probably once one of Liberace's shower curtains.

Kelly Rowland's choice is also pretty boring, but that's a great color on her.

Keri Hilson was a little bolder with her choice. I love the dress and the belt, but I'm wondering if that mustard color doesn't clash with her hair?

Kesha. Well. The girl looks uncomfortable in this nightmare of a dress. While the color is interesting, the fit is terrible - she looks thick and stiff. While this is a bit better than her usual black garbage bag with neck and arm holes, wouldn't a sleek gown be better for this moody gal?

This is a model called Nayer who apparently brings her own wind machine to red carpet events. Guess that expenditure forced her to make her own garment out of neckties sourced at the Goodwill.

I understand that this Nicki Minaj character is known for her crappy unusual dress sense, but this is just hideous and unflattering. And I'm sparing you the photos of her giant ass.

Also rather unflattering is what appears to be pockets on Nicole Kidman's dress. They make her look hippy in a bad way. With the sloppy hair, she looks like she's not really trying. Her face looks beautiful though.

I don't get the Ronald McDonald red hair that Rihanna has been sporting recently, but I do love it in this style, coupled with the pants suit. She looks like a young and sober Whitney Houston.

I know Selena Gomez is like, almost 19, now, but this dress is a little slutty. Would be great on Kesha though.

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