Friday, October 7, 2011

Outspoken Intense by Fergie

Avon has come out with a new fragrance by singer Fergie, a "provocative follow-up" to the original Outspoken. Outspoken Intense is indeed both outspoken and intense - the fragrance starts out boldly, with sweet fruits, and settles down somewhat into a melange of musks. I was afraid that there would be too much of a tropical aspect to this scent, what with all of the starfruit and passion flower, but that's not the case. The opening has a bit of tang to combat the overall sweetness of the fruit, followed by floral notes. It's a bit too sweet and fruity for my personal tastes, but I have to admit it's pretty good if you do like that sort of thing.

At $30 for 50ml*, one gets a lot of bang for the buck. A couple of quick squirts of Outspoken Intense is all you need to smell sweet and fruity all day long.

Notes: blackberry, starfruit, kumquat, passion flower, gardenia, orange flower, sensual musks, white amber, blonde cedar

*I received a free sample of this scent

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