Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Angel Giving Tree Online Program

The Salvation Army and jcpenney have teamed up again this year for The Angel Giving Tree Online Program, which allows customers to adopt a needy child or senior and then shop for gifts for their angel this holiday season. Every user can adopt their angel based on location, sex and age, and then choose items off the child/senior’s list to give them for the holidays. In collaboration with UPS, Angel Giving Tree gifts purchased through jcp.com can be shipped free of charge to a local Salvation Army collection center.

A new addition this year is the option for users to adopt angels in groups. So if you and a group of friends or perhaps your co-workers all want to join in to adopt a group of angels, you can! To learn more about the program and to adopt an angel yourself head here: http://jcp.com/angel

To kick things off, Thanksgiving will be National Adopt an Angel Day. For each online Angel adopted on Thanksgiving Day through jcp.com, jcpenney will donate $50. Additionally, a $25 donation will be made for each Foursquare check-in on Black Friday. The store that has the most check-ins on Black Friday will earn a special party on Dec. 17th. So encourage your friends to visit their local jcpenney on Black Friday to contribute to The Salvation Army AND work together to get a party for your local jcpenney!

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